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WAAM Intro
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There is a star, guiding the way, on the solstice. For this reason, they call it the Solstice Star. Its instructions contain the meaning to the wish... of the one special child, chosen once every 10,000 years, to aid Mother Teresa.

But this Mother Teresa is NOT the one everyone's heard of. It's her grandmother, who was a notorious ax murderer...

Thus begins the story of the children of Waam, the group of alter ego children chosen by the ancient forces to prevent or protect the forces at work in the unbalanced universe: the Ke and Starites.

Can Ayla, Aya, Quinn, Jayden and Salem learn the wish... and stop it? Or will they ultimately fail... and topple the universal balance entirely?

My name is Rogue Fighter. Beyond that, you need know no more.
Forum » Misc » Archive » WAAM Intro (from maxforum)
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