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***This is updated when needed. If it is out of date, please PM the admin using the forum.***

How to increase prestige in an existing ec:
Step 1:
Start with:
-buy small/medium fertile meadows
-buy and plant: flax seed (2 meadows), carrots (3 meadows)
-if you can afford it, hire an extra groom and HRI (if you can get one)
-Drop your board rate to 10e-it will not affect prestige, but higher rates do not attract boarders.
-DO NOT buy boxes.
Step 2:
-harvest flax/carrots. sell off most of the flax (NOT the Flax Bedding)
-switch from your current bedding to flax bedding
-keep the extra groom and HRI
-buy more meadows, any size. put them in pasture.
-if you can spare the equus, buy a greenhouse
-DO NOT buy boxes
Step 3:
-after your prestige has risen, and once you have the equus, buy/upgrade a 16m box.
*I prefer to buy them, though some people prefer to upgrade them
-if you don't have one already, buy a greenhouse.
-aim to have 3x the acres required for boarders in pasture. 2x works the same, but i like to have 3x.

Now sit back, remember to renew board requests and give employees the loyalty bonus, and watch your prestige soar!
Personal notes:
*I personally used and developed this method to turn my 20% prestige or less ec into a 56% prestige EC in 45 to 60 days.
*I have never raised my minimum skills above zero for more than a day. Many of my repeat boarders have 0 skills
*My board rate is, and has always been, 10e. I raise it occasionally, but I attract more boarders at 10e.
*I never use skillers to raise prestige.
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