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***This is updated when needed. If it is out of date, please PM the admin using the forum.***

At the time this was written, Tennessee Walker Unis are the only nonexistent breed.

Negative GP:
-Before changes in July 2012 made it no longer possible, you could breed for negative gp.
-The dam and sire were bred with no skills, resulting in a foal with lower gp and skills than the parents.
-I'm not sure what the lowest GP ever reached was. I own a ga horse with negative gp.
-Most -gp horses were crossbred and inbred, which allowed for faster advancement into creating lower gp.

Removed BMIs:
When I joined....
-A seahorse cost a pass.
-heels, strokes, rays, harmony packs, bonus packs, and Poseidon's Packs did not exist.
-Artemis's Arrows were one pass.
-The Diamond Apple was still for sale.
-Shutterfly's were just leaving, or had just left.

More to be added. Have an idea? PM the forum admin!
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